Biografía Miss Mundo PR

Studio-Session-172Stephanie Diaz Del Valle was born December 30th, 1996. Her parents are Jesus M. Del Valle, Esq. and Mrs. Diana Diaz. Her two older siblings are Gretchen Del Valle-Campos and Omar Del Valle. She is 19 years old and speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

She studied at Saint John’s School in San Juan Puerto Rico, from elementary to a high school, where she obtained her high school diploma. She is currently a Freshman at Pace University in New York City, studying Communications and Pre-Law simultaneously. Some of Stephanie’s passions are music and the arts. At
age four she auditioned for renowned choir The San Juan Children’s Choir and was part of it for eight years. She had the opportunity to travel to several countries hosting concerts as a chorister, including Brazil and the United States. She participated in school musicals since the fourth grade. She also worked backstage in a production of the musical “In The Heights” at the Lake Worth Theater in Palm Beach, Florida during the summer of 2013.
She participated as an actress in the short film “Vivo” (2014) which received recognition in local and international film festivals.

In 2014, she participated in La Musa de Carlos Alberto, a contest that chooses the Puerto Rican Designer’s inspirational muse for one year where she won the title. She had the opportunity of participating in local and international catwalks.

Her experience as a model motivated her to participate in the Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2016 Pageant which she won on March 18, 2016. She also classified in 4 of the mini competitions:
Top Model, Best Figure, Beauty with a Purpose, and Talent, which she received first place.

Stephanie sponsors Lily’s Angels Foundation since 2014 and it is her Beauty with Purpose Project.  This is a non-profit organization that creates awareness and sponsors therapies to children with Down syndrome between 0 to 4 years of age. Other than helping fundraise, she  recently implemented a pilot program of musical therapy based on the Suzuki teachings. Her Beauty with a Purpose project created “A Choir of Angels” to help these children develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive areas through music, specifically with percussion instruments, including bells and chimes.

As Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2016 she has modeled for major local and international designers, most recently during the sixth edition of the most important fashion event in Puerto Rico, San Juan Moda. She participated with the renowned Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, as well
as Puerto Rican designers Carlos Alberto and Miriam Budet.